Holy Roller Baby Unleashes New Album Titled Frenzy

Holy Roller Baby Unleashes their new album Titled Frenzy! The rev of the motorcycle in the packed parking lot gives shouts from all around. The chants of We Want More is said by the crowd while  additional revs from the parked motorcycle joins them. Then there is a pounding from the drums in the direction of the north where a stage is present. The chains fall as the guitars start to play along with the drums while the mic is turned on. The singer announces the band, announces the music and unleashes the album! Holy Roller Baby has taken the stage to a riveting crowd dousing them with a heavy hit of guitars, drums and sludge. I am enjoying this album as it takes you back to a time where you can be in a venue with your arms crossed and just watch the performance. The performance you give with acknowledgement of a head bang here and there.

Unleash your self and press play!

listen here:

Press Release:

“A lot of cool kids make music, and I don’t really fit into that world,” says singer/songwriter Jared Mullins, candidly. “I don’t know what it’s like to be the cool kid.” 


Written at a time where division may seem prevalent, Holy Roller Baby’s unfiltered lyrics throughout “Frenzy” offer listeners a fresh look at what it means to be human. All tracks were written by Jared Mullins using simple “rudimentary drum loops and very basic guitar parts” before they were presented to the band. Notably, Ian Davenport (Demob Happy, Band of Skulls, Radiohead) responded to their demos with great enthusiasm, inviting the band to record the full-length record at Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire, England, owned by Radiohead’s management company; doors opened for Holy Roller Baby to open for Band of Skulls and Demob Happy during their US tour (September 9th). The band partnered with Chalupa Production in Dallas, TX to create music videos for this album, one of which (“Ravings At Your Window, released June 14th, 2019) hit 100K+ views within about three months of its debut. 


Complex in its simplicity, “Frenzy” signifies a turning point for Holy Roller Baby, once subject to descriptions that didn’t match who they know they are, deep down. By fusing the extremes of songs that are heavy (“Leper Blues” and “Eve”) with a soulful-Motown feel (“Your Body Will Sing”), the result is an unboxed sound that beams with confidence. With pure intentionality, the band’s ability to articulate what they’re about has come to inform everything they do. From recklessly-fun rhythms to their edgy lyrics, listeners will find it nearly impossible not to relate. 


As Jared put it plainly, “I don’t f***ing get life yet. I feel like I should, but I don’t.” 


In many ways, Holy Roller Baby’s music marks an era where it’s okay not to have it all figured out. To view life from the corner alongside them, join the “Frenzy.”