Hold The Hands Of The Exposition And Get Lost Together With Rabbitfoot Capers

The sounds of the keyboards bouncing sounds off  the walls of your closed eyes bring a temporal disclosure to your mind. You sense the height of ecstasy when you hear the singer pour her voice through the walls of honey. You are sweeten to the grooves and smile wide with pleasure as you are engulfed to the power of the music.

Introducing to you Rabbitfoot Capers, a band from UK Bristol that have stolen my ear drums and replaced them with a multi harmony speaker system to plays music that soothes my beard.


When you listen to their music, you taken to a different new world that you immediately want to stay in and enjoy every aspect of the sounds.

The songs I’m currently enjoying are free running, monster, and Grey Friars Street and I just enjoy the sounds these extraordinary musicians have created. They have a common goal and that is to create music and that is one common goal they have exceed that expectation.

Listen more to Rabbitfoot Capers on SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE and be sure to like their FACEBOOK page as well.