Hide and Seek with Friends and Family with Witch It on Steam Review

Can you hide yourself well? How about transform into a bottle of rum and escape the clutches from giant hunters? Well this is the game for you! Witch It is a multiplayer game on Steam where you must hide from those giant hunters. You start off as a witch who can either hide as an object in the ground or fly in the air with a broom. Then after a few moments, the giant hunters come about and toss potatoes at you.

Those potatoes will hurt you a lot but you have to make sure your well hidden from their temptation. If you are caught, you will become a giant hunter and then are tasked to find other witches in the round.

Here is a small review of the game: 


  • Hiding
    • When you hide, I never excepted to understand my surroundings in the big picture. I would look at a wall with various objects and feel that is too revealing for hunters to check than what they would miss. This has helped me create a strategy to hide and become part of the scenery. Very interesting!
  • Original
    • I have to say this game is pretty damn fun! A giant hunter throwing potatoes at various objects to find hidden witches?! Who thinks this stuff up? Well either way, I enjoyed how you can go through various levels and just become a master at hide and seek. Once caught, you become the hunter to find a witch or two from their hiding spot.
  • Strategy
    • As a witch, you would have to build a strategy to hide from the giant hunters. I only have maybe 2 minutes to find a spot to hide from these monsters who are armed to the teeth with potatoes. I learned after multiple times that I can hide in various places like ceilings, roofs, on boats, etc. I have to chose a place where not only I can blend in but the monsters will actually miss.


  • Online so far, no story mode
    • This game is only multiplayer mode at the moment where you play online. I wouldn’t mind seeing a story mode to see what happened between the witches and the giants.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I have only played the multiplayer on Steam with other users and its a fun game. I would need to learn more about the levels to find better hiding places. There are so many places to hide that you will leave you with endless fun. I had fun playing this game and will continue to play it.

Get Witch It here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/559650/Witch_It/