Herogasm Alert! Spoiler Talk With Vic The Boys Season 3 Episode 6

The Boys are Fucking Back! Yes they are! The much anticipated show from Prime Video is stirring the pot continually throughout the episode. We start off with a montage of what happened last week and give your brain a refresher! From there, I have to warn you….

Spoiler Alert!!!! Don’t read down below unless you want something spoiled…Cunt! haha!

We started off with something I’m not allowed to talk about but its forgettable. This is Herogasm so lets get to it! Homelander is with Deep looking over footage and find out that Soldier Boy is alive! Homelander is having a fit because he can’t believe Soldier Boy is alive! Homelander talks to a mute Black Noir which seems very weird. Black Noir does something so unthinkable that you will be like ahhhhh! Then, we see Soldier Boy eating Vought A Burger with Huey and Butcher. Butcher wants to start a team with Soldier Boy and help him eliminate Payback in return he can destroy Homelander. Soldier Boy looks like he has a bit of a drug problem as that is not sugar on his nose in this episode. Later, we see Kimiko at the hospital walking around and relaxing. Then someone comes out and attacks her but then we are met with MM and Starlight in the next scene. I hope my Kimiko is safe. Anyways, MM and Starlight are arguing with each other concerning doing the right thing. Starlight finally does a speech to convince MM to continue doing the right thing but she has to leave back to the tower after a phone call to Ashley. A-Train to Africa is shown next and looks like Vought is moving forward with that. Then A-train shows up to Ashley and wants Blue Hawk arrested and killed while Ashley said they already have it handled. A-Train wants to get him himself but Ashley said Homelander wants him to chill. Ashley again pulls her damn hair while talking to A-Train. Then, we see Homelander and Deep talking and they have found a clue to find Soldier Boy…its with the twins from Payback…and Deep will go to the home to scope it out…! Soldier Boy and Huey have a fun talk about Bill Cosby and Soldier Boy talked about his “strong drinks” he used to make at parties….haha! Butcher comes to the room and lets them know he has an address to the twins. Butcher and Huey take their Temp V to be ready to head out to see the twins!

Deep is shown talking to the Twins and invite him inside! THIS IS HEROGASM! We see a glimpse of what is going on through Deep’s eyes!

Next scene, Homelander and Starlight are on TV with Congresswoman Neuman to talk about what is happening out there. Homelander goes off on the interview and letting everyone know its safe out there. He said he and the supes will make sure everyone is safe out there. Starlight and Congresswoman Neuman hangout in the room and talk about Huey. Congresswoman Neuman lets Starlight know she already knows that Huey and her already know she is the head popper. Neuman wants to partner with Starlight to help Neuman boost her social media numbers in return she can protect her from Homelander. Starlight tells Neuman to Fuck Off as she is mad right now! Next we are met with Kimiko as she wakes up in a room tied up with Cherie. Frenchie comes in tied up and butt ass naked! Nina comes in and wants Frenchie to choose who should die for his fuck ups! Before they are about to kill Kimiko, she is able to get free and kill one of the guards. Then she bites the leg of the other guard but he has the upper hand against her. Kimiko is able to slay the other guard during the fight and win.

MM and Starlight arrive at the Twins house and meet a former flame of MM haha! Once they get in, we are met with the epic of Herogasm! There are women eating out woman, there are women and men getting railed, invisible heroes walking around with dildos, heroes using powers in a sexual way, and much more! MM and Starlight walk around looking for the twins while checking out Herogasm antics! MM lets Starlight know many of the people participating are not Supes as some are famous porn stars getting into the action with Supes. Then, guess who bumps into MM…TERMITE! HE IS BACK AND TINY AS EVER HAHA! He leaves a mark on MM which dirties his favorite jacket. While MM is leaving the area, he opens a door and walks into a scary trap. The trap is something he will need to take multiple showers and talk to a shrink about it later on. While MM goes to a restroom to get cleaned up, Starlight walks around looking for the twins. She meets up with Blue Hawk and he tries to get her to participate but she declines. Another familiar face shows up, which I can’t talk about, but it becomes a fun interaction! Then Starlight is walking around and sees something so DIGUSTING, SO DIABOLICAL, that will have you laughing with your eyes wide open!

Then, more situations happen between various Seven members which leads to an epic situation. MM finally meets up with Soldier Boy and all chaos happens!

This is all I’m going to say, enough spoiling and watch this episode! The last 20 minutes fucking EPIC!!!


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