Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter Campaign Launching June 7


Wilmington, DE, May 24, 2021 – Quench your thirst for adventure when Heroes of Barcadia goes live on Kickstarter June 7. Published by Rollacrit, a tabletop lifestyle brand from a team of former ThinkGeek.com ronin, Heroes of Barcadia is dungeon-crawling party game inspired by a past April Fool’s day product.

In Heroes of Barcadia, two to six players take on the roles of Barcadian champions to battle monsters and bosses, collect Power-Ups with mystical abilities, and race to collect the elusive Drink Hoard hidden in the dungeon! There is a special twist to this game: your character’s health is measured by the liquid in your cup, a liquid life system, if you will. Getting hit by a monster forces you to take a drink, slowly sipping down your health pool until it’s back to square one.

“Designing and play-testing Heroes of Barcadia over the last few years has supplied countless cheerful evenings around the table with friends, along with many pun brainstorming sessions,” said Madison O’Neil, Heroes of Barcadia designer and illustrator. “The goal for me was always to have everybody around the table enjoying themselves, and I think we’ve achieved a game that is equally as fun to win as it is to lose! I can’t wait to get it into people’s hands.”

With the design of the game and prototype finished, Rollacrit will launch its Kickstarter campaign on June 7 to fund the production and distribution of the project. Visit HeroesofBarcadia.com today and sign up to be notified when the campaign launches. If you sign up now, you’ll also receive an exclusive Power- Up in your copy of the game when you back it. Love a good party game but not close enough to play them with your friends? No problem! Rollacrit will be releasing the game on Roll20 after the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal!

Bring your thirst for adventure (and fun!) and follow Rollacrit on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates on the campaign and sneak peeks at the game!


What people are saying about Heroes of Barcadia

“[Heroes of Barcadia is] a game that knows exactly what it wants to be, and is precisely that: it’s a fun party-style game with a D&D slant and a balance of luck to skill tipping towards luck, but not at all boring.”–Matt Blum, GeekDad

“I thought the life system in Heroes of Barcadia was pretty neat, your drink is your health so you actually don’t want to drink (in comparison to drinking games where you drink as fast as possible). There’s an actual good game here, especially for this genre.”–David Leavitt, journalist and board game influencer

“Barcadia provides a silly amount of fun to its players, and we could all do with some of that after the year just gone!”–Matthew “The Gentleman Gamer” Dawkins, writer and developer of Vampire: The Masquerade and They Came from Beneath the Sea!

“There’s a game coming out that I will back, a game called Heroes of Barcadia…The coolest thing, I think, is the glasses. It comes with six different steins and they’re your character. You put your drink inside and it has tiered marks, which is your health. It’s something different.”–Bryan, The Gateway Gamers Podcast.

“I believe in [Heroes of Barcadia]. I think you guys have a big hit on your hands.”–Henry San Miguel, The Geek Speak Show

“An interesting idea is that a player’s health is measured by how much drink is left in their cup. That’s right, this is a drinking game for you and your buddies to enjoy.”–Tommy Williams, GeekTyrant

How to Play

Heroes of Barcadia features a fun and cartoony art style, with dozens of unique monsters like The Wicked Witch of the Yeast, Hopgoblins, and the fearsome Mimosasaurus. The game mixes luck of the dice with strategic decisions in a ruleset that’s easy to pick up but still allows for higher-level play. The dungeon itself is tile based and built by the players at the start of each game, making each session different for a high level of replayability.

Choose from Barcadian champions like Sir Drankalot the Inebriated, or Intoxica the Necromixer, taking their character glasses and moving them around the board, revealing dungeon tiles and fighting monsters in your search for the Drink Hoard. Use devious Loot Cards to ruin your opponent’s plans, all the while making sure your Health Bar Cup doesn’t run dry. Nice guys finish last in this fast-paced, ever-changing, pun-tastic party game for fantasy and beverage connoisseurs alike.

The first player to defeat the Grand Drink Guardian and secure the Drink Hoard is crowned the true hero of Barcadia and wins the game! In the end, only one hero may claim the treasure, so it’s a scramble to mess up your opponents’ plans while keeping your own character on the right path.


About Rollacrit

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