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Here’s what happened in June! 🎉

Bullet♥︎ is going to press soon!

It’s been an eventful month of June, to be sure! Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened from me and all your other friends at Level 99 Games!

During this month, we completed our latest Kickstarter for Bullet♥︎! The game has been a ton of fun to work on, and has gotten great reception already. You can actually play it right now on Tabletop Simulator!

It’s not too late to grab Bullet♥︎ and get the Deluxe Edition. Unlike other projects in the past though, we’re fast-tracking Bullet♥︎ to press, and so the Pre-Order site will only be open for one month.

Make sure to check out Bullet♥︎ soon and get your Deluxe Edition copy.

Did I mention that just about everything else is on sale on the Pre-Order store too? If you’re in Europe, Canada, or Australia, this is a great chance to load up on other Level 99 Games that you might have missed. Make sure to take a look!

Pre-Order Bullet♥︎
Note: If you backed the project, please don’t use the Pre-Order site—wait for the survey instead! The survey will go out next week.

News & Announcements

We’ve made a lot of progress on other fronts, but we’re not quite ready to announce Exceed Season 5 yet. I expect that we will be finishing this up in the next few weeks, but we want to be press-ready at the time we make the announcement, so that we can give you a concrete delivery date.

Our BattleCON factory sample is currently being shipped, and we should have photographs of that to show you early next week.

So here’s what our plans look like for next month:

  • Send Bullet♥︎ and Exceed Season 5 to press.
  • Announce the license for Exceed Season 5 and accept pre-orders.
  • Initiate freight shipment for BattleCON (pending any issues with the final product)
  • Formally announce “Project Crane”, our next Kickstarter project.
Thanks so much for being a part of Level 99 Games and for your continued support, especially in these difficult times.

Happy gaming, and be well!

D. Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President

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Use ingenuity to unite the continent by connecting towns and gathering magic goods!

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Fast-paced fighting game—on your tabletop!

Choose your fighter from an ever-growing roster! Exceed the limit to unleash true power!

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Pixel Tactics Legends

Step back into the golden age of card games!

Recruit heroes, build a unit, and take your forces to battle against your opponent in a tactical duel!

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Argent: the Consortium

Become chancellor of a magical university!

Use spells, artifacts, and your student mages to secure the votes of the secret consortium!

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Project Status

You can always check out the status of our projects by visiting our status page.