Hello Neighbor 2 Beta Xbox Series S Review

When you think of something better than the original, you want to be wooed! You want to be able to say you can’t put your hands on the original game because the new one just kicks ass. Well, Tinybuild has done that! Hello Neighbor 2 has shaken everyone’s ideals of what they knew of the Hello Neighbor franchise! Many new aspects including our favorite: the ability to open windows and sneak around while making sure you are not caught! In the first game, I always wonder why can’t we use the windows? Well, Tinybuild has listened to the fans and implement that into the game.

Then, I know more people are excited for this one which is an open world aspect. Your able to go to various locations and solve multiple puzzles to the clues that you have found. I know the controls were a bit complicated in the Xbox Series S version and had a few glitches as well. This didn’t hamper my gaming experience but I know its still a Beta. I had to admit this beta was much better than other betas we have played before! I have to say this: pre order this game now! You will enjoy it!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Buy game here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/hello-neighbor-2