Headlocked: The Last Territory Comic Review

The stories you watched unfold in a professional wrestling ring is astonishing that keeps drawing in fans for generations. You see the final piece of the puzzle being orchestrated on your live shows or TV screens in a match. Well, how about viewing this puzzle before it was even built? Watch as the person building the puzzle struggles to find pieces that fit and work into a picture they didn’t know they were going to see.

Headlocked Comics have a story that takes you through the dark sides of wrestling to what people don’t see. You will be shown how wrestlers build their livelihoods, struggle with lessons, and more through the stories of Headlocked. You will feel for those wrestlers that want to make it to the A squad, you will feel for those wrestlers that want to succeed and you will feel for those wrestlers that do what they have to do to succeed.

I enjoyed reading this comic; I just couldn’t stop reading! The authenticity of the characters in this story reminds you of people in different periods of their lives with a vision. The vision they see, either through a mentor or their own eyes,  is to find the ways to succeed still struggle to see the bigger picture. I enjoyed learning about handshake rule, trusting in the ring and more of the unspoken rules of a wrestler. This made me think back at the times I’m watching wrestling, and then understanding why things are done in a certain way in the ring.

You can find Headlocked: The Last Territory in your local comic stores or you can order online HERE.