Headland is coming to Nintendo Switch

Headland is shaping up to be one amazing console game. Trust us, we’ve been playing it for months. We’ve poured a lot of energy into converting controls and tweaking combat to a physical controller and it feels absolutely at home on the Switch.

We’re not just porting what we’ve already made, we’re upgrading many aspects of the game with new progression systems and more content. With the console version we’re getting to revisit or add to aspects of the game that we wanted to improve— making the most wholesome version of the game we could possibly imagine.

And the cool thing is that because we’re sharing codebase with the mobile version, all of these improvements will also be shipping on iOS and Android.

We’re excited by the progress we’ve made and we feel confident that we can launch a fantastic Switch title this year. Other than our new trailer We don’t have much else to share at this point, but keep an eye out on the channels for more news.