HBO Max’s Peacemaker Podcast Podly Features John Cena

Do ya really wanna, do ya really want to taste it! Today, “Podly,” HBO Max, Rooster Teeth and DC’s official companion podcast for one of thee most watched streaming TV series in the world and highest rated DC Extended Universe Property (94% on Rotten Tomatoes), “Peacemaker,” features the legend himself, John Cena on today’s episode to coincide with the seventh episode that is now streaming on HBO Max. The kick-ass “Podly” podcast highlights glorious laugh out loud moments, spoilers and goes in deep with John Cena. You can watch today’s post show episode on HBO Max and DC, as well as HBO Max’s YouTube.

Podly Clip – Why TF Hasn’t John Cena Read Any of the Comics Featuring Peacemaker?!
On today’s episode of “Podly,” John Cena explains why he has not read any DC Comics featuring Peacemaker…and James Gunn’s response.

Podly Clip – An Eagle is a Superhero’s Best Friend, Right?…Riiight!
John Cena describes his experience hugging it out with his best friend Eagly.

Additionally, next week marks the season finale of “Peacemaker” and the last episode of “Podly” (streaming 2/17) with Writer, Producer and Director James Gunn. Catch up on the highest reviewed DCEU project to date and tune into “Podly” on HBO Max, and on the DC and HBO Max YouTube channels. Audio-only versions of “Podly” are also available on all audio platforms found here.