Haunting Of The Mary Celeste Review

Haunting Of The Mary Celeste directed by Shana Betz Starring film Richard Roundtree (Tulls) and Emily Swallow (Rachel). Rachel is out to prove her theory on the missing ship The Mary Celeste which its crew vanished. She set off with her crew to meet the captain of the ship they chartered only to find he left without them. Hell bend on proving her theory with a small-time window to do so. She finds Tulls a captain and convinces him with cash to take them.

Her theory is she believes the ship passed into a rift of some sort and they’re lost in the rift and wants to prove it’s true. As they arrive at the spot the ship starts to have issues and things start to go south, to say the least. One of the ship’s crew members is first to slip into the “rift”. Tulls is ready to call for help till Rachel pays him more cash to stay due to the window of time. As time passes things start to take place coins knocked over almost as it rewinds they restack as they were. Aldo the crew member vanishes off the boat sending a film crew member out on a lifeboat thinking he is the water. One by one they all slip into the rift the past comes for them in a way I felt. A twist at the end of the film is a mind-blowing one.

Haunting Of The Mary Celeste is a paranormal horror film in my book that is a bit slow I felt. A good story overall with some good acting in it. I felt it did lack some more back story and scares for my taste. Give it a watch and see for yourself and come up with your own theory of what happened to both ships.