Harry Jay-Steele has an innate percussive sense, a near-telepathic ability to rise cresting waves of rhythmic effusion” –


“Harry is creating invigoratingly unique music which falls into a range of genres, with elements ranging from African Rhythm to contemporary pop” ​- WONDERLAND MAGAZINE




Today, 4th December, East London based songwriter, guitarist and producer Harry Jay-Steele releases his debut album, ‘Boundaries’, via eclectic audiophile label Naim Records. The album is available digitally, on Bandcamp, as standard black and limited blue and white splatter vinyl – STREAM IT HERE. Harry has also unveiled the visuals for the critically acclaimed single, ‘Reach You’, WATCH IT HERE.


Defying easy categorization, ‘Boundaries’ is equally influenced by the L.A beat scene including, Flying Lotus, Taylor Mc Ferrin and Gonjasufi, the UK post-dubstep electronic scene, as well as African artists such as Blue Note jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke, Mumford & Sons collaborator and Senegalese super star Baab Maal and Tinariwen. Steele worked with Jordan Rakei’s co-producer and drummer Jim Macrae to create the textured sound of the album, “by setting a bed of drums for each track. A lot of this was highly processed and often looped with live drum takes layered with samples which were sent into the modular sampler and filtered with effects”.


Forging a sound of his own, the Goldsmith Uni alumni is a master of blending his eclectic range of influences; elements of Soul, Indie, African and Electronic Music are weaved into a rich tapestry of percussive rhythms, tasteful guitar work and deft poeticism. His music is a sonically adventurous experience, a complex and layered sound palette skilfully tied around his distinctive vocals. Talking about the narrative behind the album Steel explains; “’Boundaries’ speaks of confronting the self and challenging its limitations, searching for a sense of home or trying to get back to the feeling of it (Harry’s childhood home was called Boundary farm). It also alludes to the geographical crossroad of musical influence found on the record; from London to Lagos, Soweto to Chicago it’s all in there.”


Opening track ‘Work It’, is full of interlocking African rhythms and faint melodies often played by heavily delayed samples of a Chinese folk instrument called Erhu, which recalls the time Steele travelled through China. First single ‘Wish For One Night’, with its anime-inspired animated video premiered on Clash, has a brooding darkness, which slips and slides into something more defiantly joyful and uplifting during the chorus and influenced by Malian singer Salif Keita’s penchant for beautiful minor melodies.


Elsewhere, second single, ‘Precious’, is as sumptuous piece of influenced-soul with a textured sound palette, skilfully tied around Steele warm vocals and vulnerable poeticism. On the Afrobeat influenced ‘Not Quite Like This’, the third track to be released as a single on 2nd October, Steele talks about being labelled and the fluidity of self, a message amplified by the shifting effect of the artist’s auto-tuned vocals. Whilst ‘Prison Change’ was born when Steele was working on a Malian blues–inspired rhythm pattern.


“It’s the rhythm you notice first. The way each part interlocks, erecting a sustained groove while continually shifting, continually evolving”, wrote Clash magazine in their ‘Track of The Day’ feature for ‘Reach You’ – Steele debut single saw the Norwich-born musician featured as ‘Artist of The Day’ on the pages of Metro, who claimed “it’s unusual to hear such diverse sounds on a debut record”, and interviewed by Wonderland magazine for their ‘New Noise’ feature. Harry Jay-Steele has also been equally well received live being touted as one of the top 7 performances of Bestival by the Huffington Post, as well as free styling with Moses Boyd on his BBC 1Xtra residency and playing a coveted support slot for Grammy nominee and soul legend, Meshell Ndegeocello.


Album Track List: 1.Work It, 2. In The Dream, 3. Wish For One Night, 4. Lost Nor Found, 5.Precious, 6. Reach You, 7. When You Go, 8. Not Quite Like This, 9.Horse, 10. Prison Change, 11. Can You Hear Us Now.


Full Album Credits


James Macrae – Co-producer
Harry Jay-Steele – Co-producer
Arrangements – Harry Jay-Steele/James Macrae
Composer – Harry Jay-steele
Lyricist – Harry Jay-Steele
Drum programming – James Macrae
Synth and modular Production – James Macrae


Performer Credits overall


Harry Jay-Steele – Vocals/backing vocals Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Bass, Keys, Synths
James Macrae – Drums, Percussions, Modular Synth/effects/Synths
Riccardo Albino-Trissio – Electric bass
James Creswick – Electric bass/Double bass
Joy Nkoyo Effiong – Backing Vocals


Recorded at Old paradise Studios, London and Harry Jay-Steele’s lounge (London)