Harry Jay-Steele Shares Afrobeat Dance Video for ‘Not Quite Like This’

Harry Jay-Steele shares Afrobeat dance video Not Quite Like This! A dreamy dance vibe song from Harry Jay – Steel which gives an experience for all fans. You view a young man dance along to the beat of the song while having you can tell he is engulfed by the power of the song. I’m enjoying Harry Jay-Steele soft voice throughout the song while showcasing a strong antidote of lyrics to the fans. A pretty neat song and I dig it.

HIs new album should be coming up soon! Be sure to follow his social media to learn more!

watch here:



“The lyrical content of the song is about not being able to be defined/captured in the same way more than once. “See me as you hear my Now, ‘cos you won’t hear it again, Not quite like this”  For this music video, I wanted to capture this message and feeling in the medium of dance. The song is deeply inspired by afrobeat and African rhythm so I chose to work with Moshood Azeez, an incredible British Nigerian dancer, who got behind song and perfectly translated its emotions into movements. The video was shot on the famous Hackney marsh football field which contains around 82 pitches. The staggering number of goals appear like an elaborate minimalist installation interweaving and overlapping in different ways depending on your point of view. I wanted to manipulate and capture this in the film as a backdrop for an incredible dancer. I didn’t want it to be overly complicated. I just wanted to focus on the dance and the setting”.