Today, Harper Starling returns with her new single & video, “Cannot Tell a Lie.” Written by Harper Starling and co-written and co-produced by Cindy Valentine (Bebe Rexha, Britney Spears, Alisha) and Niko The Kid (Outkast, Ariana Grande), “Cannot Tell a Lie” is a fiery, candid dance-pop anthem that serves as the perfect follow up to her late-Summer hit, “No More What If.”

Built around a mesmerizing, pulse-quickening backbeat, “Cannot Tell a Lie” is the kind of song that will have listeners letting loose on the dance floor. Just as she did on her prior single, “No More What If,” Harper delivers captivating storytelling as she shares her experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly — with her listeners. “No More What If” was the tale of a woman shaking free of small-town Wisconsin to pursue her showbiz dreams in California; “Cannot Tell A Lie” is the too-true story of the interpersonal machinations that she finds once she gets there.

The song’s accompanying video begins with a bleary shot of a bartender (played by Goodfella’s actor Johnny Roastbeef) threatening to cut her off or kick her out of the club and it closes with Harper waking up after her bender, in bed, fully clothed, with an expression of mild disbelief about the night before. The rest of the video is a glimpse of those nights we’ve all had but don’t always remember (think: liquor shots, flirting and plenty of outrageous behavior). When Harper says she “cannot tell a lie,” she’s not lying, and the video is a refreshing glimpse at an artist who is unafraid to give it to her audience straight, honest and unadorned. The video, which was directed by Fernando Cordero and Cindy Valentine, stars Harper alongside legendary actor Johnny Roastbeef and TikTok stars Hootie Hurley, Jack Bloome, Gabby Marie, and Brittany Galvin.

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About Harper Starling 
Raised in Milwaukee and now based in Los Angeles, Harper Starling was destined to be a performer. Having been diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at a young age would have deterred most, but not Harper. When she steps on a stage, any related symptoms magically disappear and are replaced with the ability to soar and achieve her dreams. Her dedication to her craft has led her to achieve multiple top 20 Billboard Dance hits and support from tastemakers like MTV, LA Weekly and PopWrapped. With each new release, it’s clear that Harper Starling’s courage and unwavering determination has created a star in the making.