Hardware Startup Addressing Global Challenge: CES20 Partnership Success Story

If 2019 was the year of AI, quantum computing, and multinational companies, 2020 proved to be the year for green tech, personal protection, and…startups.

A startup is like a sapling that can show enormous growth quickly … But to become a successful startup, many lack funding, expertise, and recognition needed to become self sufficient.

In 2019, AltiFarm Enverde launched their Herbstation on Kickstarter and managed to raise over $100,000 on Kickstarter on their own.

As chance would have it during CES20, Altifarm Enverede met The Crowdfunding Formula, one of the world’s top 3 crowdfunding marketing agencies. After discussion of their campaign, The Crowdfunding Formula took on their next campaign, Pico, a garden in your palm. TCF utilizing their digital marketing ecosystem of tools such as JungleProof, Perfection, CrossProm, and TechIWant, managed to turn Pico into one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in the gardening world.

“Our aim is to create an environment where each impactful idea from exceptional people achieves ultimate success through crowdfunding, and CES20 was the exact place we decided to look for those exceptional ideas and partnership. There are many world changing ideas out there that just need the right guidance to bring a significant impact to the world.” says Narek Vardanyan, CEO of the company.

After crowdfunding and raising over $1.8M on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Altifarm Enverde delivered over 45,000 Picos, helping backers from around the globe take their first steps into the magnificent world of container gardening.