Happy Hour Issue 5 Comic Book Review

Kim and Jerry are a bit too happy on their stay at Landor Cohen’s camp in Mexico! They are taken through some tests to try to change their attitude and reminds me a bit of the Readjustment Center. While that is going on, a new patient for the Readjustment Center makes his debut. Mr. Sullivan is dragged into the center, restrained of course, as he had that fallout back with the agency in the previous issues. He isn’t in a happy mood at all!

Kim and Jerry are going through some intense tests including those Joy suckers that bite hard! A secret is told by Kim to Jerry that shakes him to the core! While that is going on, a group of mercenaries bust out Mr. Sullivan from the readjustment center. Once Mr. Sullivan makes it to Landor Cohen’s camp, Jerry has to make a choice.

I didn’t see that situation arising from the story! I am shocked and can’t believe it! The story has taken a 180 twist with that secret Kim told Jerry. I’m enjoying the story even more with that situation coming to light and excited to see what happens next.

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(W) Peter Milligan

(A/C) Michael Montenat


Having fled the USA’s regime of brutally enforced bliss, Kim and Jerry are prisoners of the revolutionary pro-misery cell they sought to join. The first step to acceptance: survive a swarm of Joysuckers, razor-toothed vermin specifically bred to sniff out happiness! Plus the usual AHOY illustrated prose features.


March 17, 2021