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Happy Hour #6 Comic Book Review

As they were drawn nearer to the swamp, Jerry couldn’t believe he didn’t fight enough to defend Kim. He was watching as the person he loved was going to be dead in mere seconds. He starts to remember on why he loved her which causes him to finally speak up. Landor didn’t like that he spoke up and off Jerry went to join her in the swamp. While that commotion is going on, Sullivan meets a person that he holds dear to his heart! She speaks some sense into him while they both talked about what has been going on with her.

Then off in the distance, a certain agent comes into light, as she brings an army of soldiers with her to attack the colony. While bullets are raining down in the distance, Sullivan has saved our friends Jerry and Kim from death as he focus’s on his renewed sense of life with his wife.

Jerry and Kim made it out to the desert but meet up with some European friends that take them forcefully into the area designated for Irony. Sullivan is there but discussions are talked if his his wife is made up or not is taken into play. This makes you think…were they really a tad bit crazy after all or did they finally found a place they can call home.

Either way this, was a fantastic read from everyone involved! Peter Milligan provided a story that showcased a world torn apart by what people wanted you to feel. You had to be “happy to live there and if your not happy, they will make you be happy. The introduction of the characters throughout the series such as Kim, Jerry, Landor, and more gave you insight on how they found ways to live within themselves while still searching for that overall journey. Michael Montenat produced some really cool art throughout the pages with amazing detail. You felt like you were in the strip as each character was going  through their situation.

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(W) Peter Milligan

(A/C) Michael Montenat

April 28, 2021



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