Happy Hour #3 Comic Book Review

The issue starts off with a glimpse at Landor Cohen’s commune in Mexico where the people are feeling the joys of frustration. You see as they are working on the soil as they are farming the land while discussing the situation in America. Landor talks with one of the people about Hamm and seeing if he can go to America and save him. Then we are off with Jerry and Kim as they found each other in the issue. They continue there trek to Mexico before they hit a snag by a small town called Gleeville. The small town is having a celebration and looks like Jerry and Kim are going to an experience an out of this world celebration. Later, we see Chief Agent Sullivan trying to get more treatment on his wife but isn’t happy about it. This has set off alarms and another agent reaps that benefit.

In this issue, I’m enjoying that they introduced Landor Cohen and gave a glimpse of his commune in Mexico. They are living off the land while still being either happy or sad in the dialogue. The introduction of a phone call Kim makes has raised my eyebrows on who is she talking to. I know Jerry has that same mindset as its hard to find someone to trust throughout the land. Not everyone is happy in the Happyland as you can see from Chief Agent Sullivan and Landor’s agent in the issue. You see how people try to survive by faking their happiness in order to be the shadow in the room. I’m enjoying the writing of this issue and of course the art is superb. A great read indeed!

Get issue here: https://comixology.sjv.io/7AJmQ


(W) Peter Milligan

(A/C) Michael Montenat


In a near-future America where unhappiness is a crime, paranoia poisons the relationship between fugitives Jerry and Kim at exactly the wrong time: they’re abducted by a town that’s throwing a pageant to celebrate joy, with their slow execution as the weekend’s entertainment! Plus the usual AHOY assortment of illustrated prose stories.


January 6, 2021