Happy Death Day 2U Movie Review Spoiler Free

We’re back in the time loop in Happy Death Day 2U and now it’s different. The loop now has pulled in new victims and changed the timeline of the past events. The story picks up on the 19th day after the first film.  The whole cast is back in this run and we get to see more of a few support characters. Which makes this storyline work and adds to the feel of the film. The Babyface killer is back to kill but is it the same killer behind the mask or not? Happy death Day 2u is more of a Romantic comedy with a slasher horror undertone this go around.  Not so much the full slasher of the first one but it works. Part two has a more of a rom-com feel with lots of death and kills. If you liked the first one you will enjoy this one the story tells us the reason for the time loop. The cast works so well together and the introduction of a few new characters.  Makes for a wild ride and some very funny moments. Happy Death Day 2U is out now be sure to check it out.