Halo Paramount Plus TV Show Review

Cue that angelic chorus of the Halo theme many are familiar with! As a fan of the Halo games growing up, I would have dreams of having fun with friends while blowing them up with grenades. Yes, I was that guy who be the one throwing grenades. Either way, when it was announced that Halo would be green lit as a show on Paramount Plus, I was a bit nervous. A game with so much history and lore, how would they bridge that gap into a TV show. With Paramount, Amblin Television, 343 Industries and many more involved in the creation of this series, my curiosity was tickled to know more.

I was given the opportunity from Paramount to screen the first 2 episodes of the new show. I watched those two episodes on my laptop where I was glued to the screen. The show will debut on March 24,2022 and will be on Paramount + streaming app. Be sure to click the link after the review to sign up to Paramount + and be ready when Halo descends onto your screen.

I won’t reveal much in this review but enough to indulge your interest! 


  • Story
    • There is a war going on with the rebels and UNSC until an unknown alien group called the Covenant destroys the rebels on planet Madrigal until the Spartans join the fight. Master Chief leads his group to destroy the alien group and finds one sole survivor of the attack. While looking for additional aliens in a cave, he finds an artifact that opens his mind to memories he didn’t know he had. He retrieved the artifact and had planned to take it back to his planet. The artifact changes Master Chief to the point he risks his life to save the survivor and flies away from the planet. Episode 2 talks more about the artifact and why the Covenant are wanting it so bad! I was excited with happiness watching these episodes.
  • Music
    • The music in this show is fantastic! The music mixes elements of the video game history of Halo while including elements that give emotional backbone to the show. The music flowed very well in this game and brought up memories. I still continue to humm….
  • Action
    • Holy Moly! This is so much action and blood in this game! They pulled no punches in creating the action so life like for the show. I felt like I was back in the game jumping around looking for my target…yes I would be packing on grenades for my opponents lol. The first episode had an excellent mix of action that showed how well developed the show can be. The blood from the head shots towards the aliens and soldiers was shown through both episodes.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Watch here: https://www.paramountplus.com/shows/halo/