Halo Master Chief Collection

I have to say, having this game on PC has made the experience 10 times more enjoyable. We have all had some type of memory of playing Halo and grinding to be the best in the online multiplayer. Grinding the story with Master Chief to see how it all ends. Let us dive into the Master Chief Collection. 

One thing you do have to know about this game is that the biggest difference to the game is the FPS and the resolution you can play the game at. You are looking at a full 60 FPS and can even be pushed to an 8K resolution on PC if you wanted too. The graphical details that they had made in the game just makes it look and feel like a different game.  

Gameplay definitely feels so much on better on PC. You feel as if you have complete control while playing. Now remember Halo has always been a little of a slower paced game so if you are used to the faster title like Apex or Modern Warfare than it definitely is an adjustment that you have to get used too. But it is a blast from the past and I love retro gaming. 

The music is just as good as it has ever been. Playing through the game and just hearing some of your favorite tracks does throw you for a loop. Once I start up the game it plays one of the most epic songs of the franchise.  

343 Industries has definitely given us a gift and being able to play all the main title all the way up to the 4th installment. Being able to replay these games in the resolution that it always has meant to be is amazing. The Master Chief Collection is a masterpiece and I am excited to see what the next installment is going to have for us when they have finally completed it.  

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Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/

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