HALO Master Chief 117 Stoneware 8-Piece Dinnerware Review

Halo fans are excited by the announcements of Halo Infinite coming to Xbox systems during E3! Many fans can’t contain themselves as they want to absorb so much Halo goodness. Well, we have something that will not only fill your little Spartan heart but make sure your home has something collectible that will please your Master Sergeant.

Toynk.com has a new product called Halo Master Chief 117 Stoneware 8 piece dinnerware for fans of the Microsoft series. We were able to sit down and give this product a test while enjoying the news of Halo’s resurgence during E3! This is perfect for any gamer that is a father that needs something shiny to look cool in! Father’s Day is around the corner, so you gamer dads will dig this!


Here is the review:


  • Game Authentic
    • This is straight out of the Halo franchise video game for the Xbox! Many fans will shine for that unmistakable colors that had you ready to load up! This is officially licensed by Toynk to showcase this product that gamers will know.
  • Durable
    • You can take these dinnerware out to war with you as they are tough as hell. The pieces are built to last in a war especially by gamers that are intense when they are playing Halo. The bowls are a bit heavy with the weight brought in from the stoneware but they are microwavable.
  • Complete Set
    • You have the plates, cups, and bowls that will bring you and your home some stability. Yes, you are able to eat your cereals in a bowl while playing Halo, you can eat your pasta on a plate while playing halo and then drink your steamed Mountain Dew in a cup while playing Halo! This will make sure your covered from Breakfast to Dinner!



Rating: 10 out of 10