Halloween update for Against The Moon

The Halloween update for Against The Moon called “Ancestors Festival” will be released on October 29. New monsters and complex strategic puzzles with a certain set of cards await players. There’s only one way to win each battle and it’s very difficult to find it.

The Halloween update will open up the new strategic puzzle mode. Players will be challenged by the strongest monsters. Nine cards, dozens of options and only one correct solution. Players will have to fight the strongest Halloween-style monsters, including huge pumpkins. Use unique combinations of cards to win these fights and use them in future playthroughs as well.

Against The Moon is the card Roguelike about the confrontation between mankind and chthonic monsters led by the Moon. The main feature of Against The Moon is a huge variation of battle strategies and simultaneous control of three main characters on three separate lines of battle.

Original game was released in September 2020 and received positive feedback from players on Steam. Developers have plans for many upgrades to expand the story and gameplay. The Halloween event will be the first massive update of the project.

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