Halloween 2018 Movie Review

As huge horror movie fan, I was on the fence about a new Halloween movie. Many movies have been made in this franchise and a remake. 40 years after the original movie and with the leading scream queen back. Grab my attention but is that enough to hold the film.  Well, I was able to see an advance screening last week before the release date. The film is my eyes was a masterpiece and as a fan I wanted it to be. The storyline fits after the original two films and I feel holds the same weight. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode 40 years after the babysitter murders. 40 year she has live with what happened that night and has been preparing for the fight of her life. It came at a huge cost to her and her family. A sacrifice she was willing to pay.

This film did it right all around the casting was great the original The Shape (Nick Castle) come back to wear the mask again. A ton of horror film are made each year and this one stands out. I took my time with this review because this film needs to be seen. I will not tell the story of what happens go and see it for yourself. Enjoy this horror movie as if you were a teenager seeing Micheal Meyers for the first time. I have seen some of the films in the series on the big screen but something about this one. Made me feel like I was a kid seeing my first Halloween on the big screen I can only imagine this was what it felt like in 1978. The box office told the tale this film is a huge hit with over 60 million-plus opening weekend. If your a fan of horror movies and have not yet seen it do it you will not regret it. Get your friends and family and go see it.