HADES Review

If there are any games that I would highly recommend you to play for 2020 it would definitely be Hades! I have but in over 50 hours gameplay and I am still coming back. It has been a very long time where I have just wanted to start of a game consistently every day for months on end. Even after I have practically unlocked everything I am still wanting more.  

The game is based off of Greek Mythology and the story surrounding our main protagonist, Zagreus. For as long as Zagreus can remember he has always lived in the Underworld and he is finally wanting to reach the surface of the Human world and look for answers on his Mother, Persephone. But as always, his father, Hades, is not going to make it easy for him to escape the Underworld. Zag has to fight his way through Mutiple levels of enemies and bosses.  

Right off the back I have to tell you how much I love the artwork and level design of this game. You can tell Supergiant Games really brought their vision to life. Every time you enter a chamber you are met with different creatures that were sent to stop you from exiting. Just like any game if your life happens to reach 0 than you die. But you do not restart where you left off, you end up at the very beginning in which you started. It does not matter how far you get, even if you get to the very end of the gauntlet, if you die you start all over.  

I have always been such a nerd over Greek Mythology and I am very surprised on how many Gods and Goddess they were able to add into the main storyline. Hades (of course), Zues, Poseidon, Hermes, the list just goes on. On his quest he has the hope of these Gods and they are able to give him abilities to increase his power and give him perks for additional attacks. If that was not cool enough sometimes you are able to get special perks that combines multiple Gods powers together.  

Let’s talk about the soundtrack because this soundtrack is so addicting to listen too. There are more than 10 main songs that are in the game. If you want to be able to have control over the songs all you have to do is unlock them but while you are playing through you will be able to hear most of the tracks that are available. There multiple genres to the tracks themselves. “Out of Tartarus” has to be one of my favorites 

Weapons in this game is definitely a treat. There are a total of 6 different weapons. There is Sword (Stygius), Trident (Varatha), Shield (Aegis), Bow (Coronacht), Gauntlet Fists (Malphon), and a Rail Gun (Exagryph). Together they are called the Infernal Arms, each Arm has their own abilities and attack style. My favorite out of the 6 has to be Malphon, due to the number of hits I can perform and the speed at which the Arm is able to attack at. Eaach weapon takes time to be able to master which I really appreciated. If your someone who liked Devil May Cry because of the weapon mastery than this is right up your alley.  

As you progress in the game you are even able to upgrade Zagreus and the Infernal Arms. Even after upgrading him to his max I fell that his strength alone isn’t enough. This game 100% makes you rely on others powers to be able to escape the Underworld. Also, if your someone who does not like repetitive gameplay, I promise it will NEVER come to that. Every round you play is ALWAYS different and it never gets old.  

Hades is more than just a game. It keeps giving even when you think there is no more to give. You are able to build a relationship with Zagreus and his whole family of God’s and side characters. Everyone has some type of story to who they are and how they became and I mean everyone. When oyu have finally completed everything and think you have maxed out on this game, there is a Pact of Punishment, which you are able to make the game even harder than it originally was.  This is definitely a game that I am, to this day, coming back to on a daily. Thank you, Supergiant Games, for creating such amazing game and if you have any other updates to the game, you know I will be watching to see what is new.  

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