Guitar Riff Craziness from Speed Control For Their Next Single Inspector Tang

Guitar Riff Craziness From Speed Control For Their Next Single Inspector Tang! Speed Control has a new song that  will you make bust out your air guitar skills! Inspector Tang is a spectacular riff extravaganza song where you just can’t help but head bang. The song reminds of an old school 80’s trash metal song where you can find at a cool bar where people are playing pool and taking shots. Speed Control delivers a one two punch of a song for fans all around!

Just press play, you will enjoy it!

listen here:

Press Release:

Hailing from Canada’s North in the Yukon, Speed Control is the rock band that can make you move even at -40 degrees. Brothers Graeme and Jody Peters have been joined by new members Eric Holland (Drums, Vocals) and Greg McLaughlin (lead guitar, vocals). With the added depth and creativity, new material and new energy is on the way.