Ground-breaking Interactive Narrative Drama ‘Afterlife’ now available on VR and Mobile Platforms

A stirring live-action interactive experience. Review codes available now (PSVR, Rift, GO, Vive, iOS)

Montreal, Canada – August 21st, 2019 – Signal Space Lab, the award-winning multimedia studio, is proud to present Afterlife for virtual reality and iOS devices. Following the death of a close family member, we uncover our own version of the story seamlessly, as seen through the eyes of a young child.


Watch the Afterlife trailer on YouTube:


Contributing to the future of entertainment with live-action interactive narrative, the studio developed a proprietary technique called Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR. Showcased in Afterlife, this ground-breaking technique enables the audience to navigate fluently through complex branching narratives as they weave seamlessly in and out between storylines by interacting with objects and following the characters — the outcome, a live-action story unique in its category for its scale that adapts organically to the audience in a non-intrusive and yet interactive way .


Afterlife is now available on the VivePort, PlayStation VR, Oculus Store (Rift, Go, GearVR), and Steam for USD $5.99; and USD $2.99 for the mobile 360-degree adaptation available as an app for iOS devices on the App Store.


In September, the experience will have its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival 2019, nominated as Best Cinematic Narrative Experience and for the Discovery Award as Best Debut Experience.


“Afterlife is the next experiment in immersive interactive narrative from Signal Space Lab that underscores how much can be done with this emerging medium. The rules are far from written, and this experience demonstrates important progress.” 

  • Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Founder and Programmer, VRTO Conference, FIVARS Festival


“Afterlife offers hope and encouragement for the future of VR fiction as it seamlessly integrates the magic of technology with the skills of clever filmmakers.”

  • Don Young, President , Those Canadians Media Group



  • Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR allows players to intuitively affect the story by showing interest in one character over another.
  • Navigate and interact in a rich live-action narrative where no playthroughs are alike – thousands of unique, story-driven choices means that no two endings will be the same.
  • Live-action footage helps reach profound levels of immersion and strongly connects players with their surroundings.

About Signal Space

Founded in 2015, Signal Space Lab is a forward-thinking production house that combines exceptional talent in two specialized Visual and Audio labs to design modular end-to-end solutions for audio, linear and virtual extended reality (XR) projects.

Signal Space Lab debuted in the virtual space with the hybrid experience  “We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR” in collaboration with Compulsion Games and Gearbox Publishing. The studio has received praise from its peers in the audio market and has been part of some of the best interactive titles for both AAA and indie developers, including Ludia with Jurassic World Alive and Compulsion Games with We Happy Few and Contrast.

On the visual side, the studio develops IP’s and innovative techniques to integrate seamlessly interactions in live-action narrative. The advancements in cinematic techniques took one of their early prototypes to Cannes 2018, and other VR conferences and speaker panels such as Fivars 2018, China Canada International Film Festival (CCIFF) and the VRTO Virtual and Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo 2019.


Upcoming 2019 events:

  • September 25th-28th – Raindance Film Festival: World premiere and nomination to Best Cinematic Narrative Experience
  • November 18th-21st – HUB Montréal: Afterlife and Seamless Interactive Narrative Showcase

Either practical, artistic, realistic or magical, Signal Space Lab finds the intersection between people, brands, sounds and technology to bring concepts to life


Game: Afterlife

Developers: Signal Space Lab

Release Date: August 21st, 2019

Genre: Narrative VR

Stores and devices: VivePort, PlayStation VR, Oculus (Rift, GO, GearVR), Steam, and the App Store for iOS (iPhones and iPads)


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