Grimdark RPG ‘Vagrus’ Launches Worldwide

Budapest, Hungary, October 5th – Vagrus: The Riven Realms, the epic turn-based RPG with a core focus on story-telling, lore, and challenging gameplay, has launched worldwide. Available now on Steam, GOG and Fig, the multi-award winning title and poster child for Figs Open Access funding model sees players take charge of an armed traveling company in a narrative-heavy sandbox world.

Vagrus is launching with a huge day-one patch featuring unique new quests, a revamped user interface, and a new companion (Eylani). Alongside this epic update, Vagrus will also release a Centurion Edition that includes the base game, original soundtrack, and patronage pack. Owners of the base game will be able to buy the items separately for $9.99 each.

Born out of decades of pen-and-paper campaigns played by the developers with over a million lines of story, Vagrus invites players to form their caravan of companions, explore a dark fantasy sandbox world and survive in harsh, challenging environments. In a world that has no conscience, players are forced to make difficult decisions, plan routes effectively and manage your caravan’s resources. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Vagrus: The Riven Realms is available now on SteamGOG and Fig for $25.49/£22.09* (with a 15% launch discount). Regional pricing will be enabled for applicable countries.