Great Scott!!! Boi Blu Hits 88 Miles Per Hour with Back to the Future Mixtape

My car speakers will never be the same as I had these tracks playing from my USB. I felt like Marty McFly would just jamming to these tunes and knew Boi Blu brought this to the masses even with his flux capacitor lightening up bright.

Pick any date in history and the people will enjoy this mixtape and many of histories biggest events would have the greatest soundtrack to its story by the tunes of Boi Blu.

I really dig the songs Supa Fly, Drop it Low, and Buga Boo! Enjoying those songs as they got attention from the ladies out there!

When you have the chance click this mixtape from HERE and enjoy this mixtape. Be sure to watch that bass because it will feel like 1887 with the windows down, and the world changing with your soundtrack, the Back to the Future mixtape.

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