Graphic Novel Tells the Little-Known History of the Greek War of Independence in a Narrative Epic Perfect for Fans of Game of Thrones

(June 2019)  IDW Publishing proudly presents Sons of Chaos (July 2019; ISBN 978-1-68405-479-4; $39.99; 192-page, full-color hardcover, 13.5″ x 10.5″), a lavishly illustrated graphic novel written by Chris Jaymes and illustrated by Ale Aragon that relates the real-life, heartrending story of the war that quietly shaped the Western world.

This over-sized graphic novel provides an immersive, panoramic experience for readers, transporting them back to the Mediterranean shores of 1821 as seen through the eyes of Marcos Botsaris, the son of a respected Greek leader taken prisoner as a child and raised in the dungeons of history’s most infamous Ottoman Pasha, Ali Pasha of Ioannina, known as the “Napoleon of the East”.

Hundreds of years of Ottoman rule gave the Greeks a reason to fight. Marcos Botsaris gave them a leader. Sons of Chaos follows Marcos as he escapes captivity, falls in love, and fiercely leads Greece to a bloody revolution that shattered the Ottoman Empire and shaped Western civilization as we know it. As we approach the war’s 200th anniversary, its lingering tensions still plague the Eastern and Western worlds.

Sons of Chaos brings the real-life history of the Greek War of Independence to the comics page in a thrilling, ‘sword and shooter’ epic that marries Mediterranean history with the sensibilities of Game of Thrones,” says Justin Eisinger, Editorial Director of Graphic Novels & Collections for IDW Publishing. “Like me, many readers will find themselves considering this 19th century war for the first time!”

About the Creators: Chris Jaymes (@chrisjaymes) is a multiple award-winning American writer, director, producer, actor, and musician. In his nearly three decades of working in the entertainment industry, he has been a member of the Capitol Records recording artist band Bootstraps; acted in such projects as Lost, Party of Five, and Chicago Hope; wrote, produced, and directed the multiple award-winning film, In Memory of My Father, and directed numerous films and TV shows. For more information, please visit

Ale Aragon (@ale_aragon_ ) is a comic artist from Argentina. A professional since 2008, he has worked for Boom! Studios, Image Comics, Moonstone, Shadowline, Viper Comics, and Visionary Comics. Aragon co-created Overlook and worked on such titles as Northlanders, Deadpool, 28 Days Later, and Hunter.



Chris Jaymes is an actor, author, conservationist and Award-Winning Writer/Director who has been active in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades. His acting credits include numerous network shows including ABC hit series LOST, Party of Five, Chicago Hope, The Profiler, and a number of others. Additionally, Jaymes was a member of the Capitol Records Recording Artist band, Bootstraps.

As a director, his debut feature film, In Memory of My Father, starring Judy Greer and Jeremy Sisto, attained 20 international awards and nominations including Best Picture at Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Cine Vegas International Film Festival, Best Debut Feature at Sonoma Valley Film Festival, and Best Director at three other festivals including San Diego and Vienalle. Jaymes acted as writer, producer, and director for the film. 

Jaymes has since directed two feature films and a half-dozen TV shows, including Long Story Short, starring Martin Short, Making A Scene, starring William Shatner and Cloris Leachman, The Cottage starring David Arquette, FOX Studios, Netflix Original, Bad Samaritans produced by Walt Becker, Mile High produced by Coquette Productions for Travel Channel, and a handful of others for networks including the CBC, Hallmark, Lifetime, and Comedy Central.

On top of his lengthy background in film and entertainment, Jaymes spends a significant amount of energy working for ocean and marine mammal conservation efforts with two non-profits, Island Dolphin Care and The Ocean Aquarium working towards finding solutions for the healthy future of our oceans and the lives of the animals living within. Jaymes teaches film and acting workshops at Hillcrest Center of the Arts to under privileged children
His non-fiction book, Boxing Day was published in 2007 surrounding his experiences as an aid worker in the 2004 tsunami which devastated South East Asia and gives an honest account of the reality of the disaster relief and the lives that were affected… And his research and footage of marine mammals won the 2014 Michael Debakey Journalism Award, recognizing outstanding journalism that highlights the responsible use of animal models in recent medical discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

Jaymes’s original screenplay entitled Unconditional was acknowledged as a 2016 Semi-Finalist for the Academy of Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship Award and is currently in development. 

Simultaneously, another one of Jaymes’s screenplays, a war epic, Sons of Chaos, surrounding the fall of the Ottoman Empire, has been published as a graphic novel by Penguin/Random House, while the feature film is also in development.

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