Good Goliath Launches onto VR Platforms March 31

Knocktwice Games announced today that their arcade-action style VR title, Good Goliath will be launching on March 31 to PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Vive. Packed with wickedly addictive VR gameplay and hilarious content, Good Goliath will keep everyone in your family entertained for hours. Players take on the role of a giant in a storybook world who finds themselves being attacked by hordes of little foes. Fight back against a constant wave of tiny terrors as players journey through vibrant and cartoon style levels. Each world culminates in a gigantic standoff against a challenging monstrous boss where players battle creatures even larger than them!

Watch the trailer for Good Goliath

Think you have what it takes to battle the ultimate King in Good Goliath?

In Good Goliath, players are the giant and battle against hordes of pitchfork wielding villagers, cavalry mounted soldiers, and even flying devilish imps. With wave-based tower defense gameplay where players are the tower, catch and dodge pitchforks, barrels, and other weapons as they are launched even grab some of those tiny villagers out of the air as they launch themselves and use them to knock out their friends! Battle armies of bitty foes, formidable mini-bosses and colossal monsters as you play this arcade-action experience. From castle mountain tops, shark-infested pirate islands and creepy caverns, unleash the powerful thrill of being giant in Good Goliath.

Good Goliath will be available on PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Vive on March 31. For more information, follow Knocktwice Games on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and visit the website at