Gone Viral Review

A couple weeks ago when we attended Pax East, we had been able to play Gone Viral and met with the Publishers of the game, Akupara Games. I have to say this game is going to be something very Unique especially with Twitch Integration. That is right streamers I said it, TWITCH INTEGRATION! 

The game is a 3rd person overhead view. There is not a storyline to follow, it is a straight forward arena survival game where you game perks and weapons as your progress through the game. You do have to navigate yourself threw rooms of the arena to find the BOSS battle. Some of the rooms can be beneficial and sometimes they can lead to a dead end. You can get lucky sometimes and receive a free power up or lead you into a shop so you can upgrade or buy weapons.  

There is a currency in the game which are, classic looking, game coins as you acquire threw the rooms and by defeating the enemies. If this game seems easy to you, you have to think again. Even on easy I was having a hard time trying to survive. So many enemies to go through and not enough health! But that is something I did enjoy, was the challenge. They even have Event challenges which changes the room conditions to make it harder. Bombs dropping in game, nukes, sticky bots, and so much more.  

What really makes this game special is the Perks that you pick up during the game to help improve your battle power. You can hold as many perks as you want. The most I have been able to hold has been about 12, but there is so many I cannot even keep track of them. There is one that lets you hover above spikes, one that gives you a fire dash, one that makes your giant, one that makes you small, the combinations are incredible and makes the game feel fresh. Every level I am wondering what Perk I am going to be able to receive next.  

Now let us get into the Twitch Integration! This has to be the best feature of the game and if you happen to stream it even better. If you connect your twitch account to the game you are allowed to have chat interact with you while you are playing. They can, in real-time, vote to which room you go into next, which weapon you can have, which event should be next for you. You can even broadcast yourself with your webcam in the background of the gameplay display. Now something very important to know with the webcam display, you can ONLY have your webcam connected if your current webcam is not connected to anything, so this includes StreamlabsStreamelements, etc. The ONLY way to fix this issue is to have your webcam disconnected from your streaming services or having to buy or use another webcam to connect to.   

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yorgIyb7qI[/embedyt]

This game is absolutely something else and I cannot wait for the game to be available for everyone that way you would be able to experience this game for yourself. For additional information about this game or updates on when the game is going to come to out all the links will be down below. Thank you Skullbot and Akupara for allowing to get our hands on this game, we have been loving it.  


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Akupara Games: https://www.akuparagames.com/ 

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