Goldie New Signing Littlecigarette Shares New Single And Video ‘Fur Coat’

Today, May 19th, producer and rapper Littlecigarette shares ‘Fur Coat’, the first single taken from his upcoming debut album ‘Omega’, set for release via Goldie’s label Fallen Tree 1Hundred, established by the DJ and producer to develop artists that fall outside the world of Drum & Bass. Alongside the single, Littlecigarette unveils the realistic visuals of the song,  Listen to ‘Fur Coat’ here – Watch the video for ‘Fur Coat’ here
With ‘Fur Coat’ Littlecigarette offers a voice to marginalised, disaffected young youth. His story starts in a small-town in the UK, in which the only form of escape is getting high, his lyrics depict his lonely experience with addiction and the painfully subjective trawl for intensity and euphoria as the end in itself. The self-taught producer created the track in his bedroom armed only with Logic and a SM58 microphone. Not connected to any rap scene, his isolation from the rest of the world and a real passion for music have been the driving forces behind his music and storytelling.
Talking about the track, Littlecigarette says; “If there was ever any true, flamboyant self-assurance in the spell of dark tragedy that I found myself in, ‘Fur Coat’ captures it. I like the frankness about it too, as well as the confidence. There’s still no better feeling than having a tenner’s worth of weed in the pocket of your flash coat.” On the origin of his Littlecigarette moniker the rapper explains; “take me, taste me, discard me, tell your mother you know nothing when you smell of me —I’m burning, smoking; I’m little.”
The visuals for ‘Fur Coat’  pull the audience into Littlecigarette’s world of addiction, capturing precisely the rapper’s insolent nihilism, but the exhilarating rush of the highs can’t drown out the subsequent, devastating lows – these are two sides of the same desperation he lives in. His fur coat represents the power of invincibility he feels enveloped in, even when feeling a million bucks — he remains the black sheep, out alone once again in his small provincial town, getting sideways glances from the locals as he drinks to oblivion. Stridently British in sound and vision, there are Punk elements to the track and video: bold and excessive punching up like a pitch-black comedy turned into tragedy.
Talking about his new signing Goldie says; “Littlecigarette is a young kid who has dealt with a lot of demons and trauma. I can sympathise and engage with him and his music because I was exactly the same, using music as catharsis. He has a very clever way of dealing with and processing his emotion into this alter ego. Also a lot like me his music is different, it’s challenging and a little bit Marmite – people are going to respond to his music in different ways – but he’s speaking his own truth.” 
The upcoming self-produced album ‘Omega’ is an audacious body of work, ten tracks of sparse, dark, raw beats, telling the story of a lovelorn young man yearning for connection and romance. Tales of doomed relationships, despair and failure are punctuated by manic bursts of fantasy and creativity, and a superhuman self-belief as addiction takes hold of him.