Goblin Stone Delivers An Epic Update On The Road To Early Access

On the road to Early Access, Orc Chop Games is hard at work on their turn-based tactical RPG, Goblin Stone. In a fresh update on Steam, the Zombie Farm creator shares significant updates on development: a new minimap, classes, zone and enemies (slime!) players can expect to slay along the way.

Like any roguelite, knowing where you’re going is vital to plotting your next adventure. Displayed in hand-drawn parchment, the map will help you chart your progress and show how much you’ve explored a certain area. It indicates treasures, enemies, resources, and loot left behind by foes.

Story image

Having introduced players to the Guard, Shaman, and Raider classes in the demo, players can look forward to an ever-expanding roster of new goblins to get to grips with (look below!).

Up first is the Hunter which uses axes, spears, and arrows. Next is the Mystic, a studious magic user that’s fragile, but wields a trusty wand with ease. Lastly, we have the Bandit, a melee support class that commands other goblins.

Finally, no fantasy adventure is complete without a sprawling world to discover. Want to explore a burning camp? Who destroyed the land and who does it belong to? All these questions and more will be answered across Goblin Stone’s five eventual chapters.

Goblin Stone is set to enter into Early Access later this year, with launching January 2022. Take a peek into the lives of these fragile yet brave creatures in the free demo, available on Steam now!

Will you be the one to save goblinkind from extinction?