Go on a Wild Ride with Candy on Hulu May 9th

What is Candy on Hulu?

Candy Montgomery is a 1980 housewife and mother who did everything right—good husband, two kids, nice house, even the careful planning and execution of transgressions—but when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom. With deadly results.

Our Thoughts:

Candy is an addicting show that will grasp you so fast that you will want more and more! After reading the summary, I thought to myself this could be an interesting show to check out. After the first episode, I had to pull my jaw off the floor and back into my mouth. This show is something so unique and different for a casual fan that is into thrillers and true crime. You couldn’t believe that Jessica Biel is transformed into that character. She looked so different yet it fit right into the time period. After watching the whole series, there is no words to fit in on how fantastic this show was produced, written and acted by everyone participating. This felt like a masterpiece!

We were able to sit down with a few of the cast members of the show and this is what they had to say about Candy!

Raul Esparza:

Viewers will be disturbed by it deeply; This show will make viewers think and wonder beyond the horror and true crime aspect.

The Series touches something deeper beyond the true crime!

Timothy Simons:

Viewers will be transported to a time period and specific world that will suck them in!

Watch Starting May 9th on Hulu


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