“It is a love declaration to love, pure love, love to every detail and unforgettable moment that encompass the beauty of a relationship and invite to take that next step… living together,” is how María León defines “Mudanza de Hormiga”, her latest collaboration alongside Gloria Trevi that is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Written from a feminine perspective by María León, Marcela de la Garza, Gloria Trevi and YoFred, the song describes not only love but highlights support among women and friends, inviting its listeners to not be afraid of listening to what their hearts desire and have the initiative to act on it.

Producer YoFred flawlessly combined cumbia and urban sounds, giving a unique mix to the song’s rhythm which comes with a colorful music video filmed in Miami by Pablo Croce.

“The video’s story shows two accomplices who, in an cute, innocent, and romantic way, start little by little moving in to each of their significant others’ homes. The “ant moving” begins with a toothbrush and ends with both hearts joined together,” comments the singer.


As is common in María León’s collaborations, she wanted to join her voice to that of a person whom she profoundly loves and admires.

“When two voices join in a collaboration, for me it is very important not only that it happens and finishes, but that something is born and prevails from it: a friendship, a story.

“The best part of this duet with Gloria Trevi has been to share with her and witness the faith she has in me. That fills my heart with emotion and gratitude. Her greatness defines her generosity and humility as well as the passion she has for music. All of this is reflected in this collaboration.” concludes María León.