GlobalM Showcasing Advanced Streaming Technologies CES 2021

GlobalM, representing SwissTech at CES 2021, is a Mediatech startup from Switzerland with a new and innovative streaming technology. The need for low latency, broadcast quality streaming for remote production has emerged with the Covid-19 pandemic. GlobalM offers a streaming service for media organizations to accept live streams from their own staff journalists, freelance reporters or program guests directly from a smartphone.

The app is developed for high-quality contribution, capturing the raw image frames and processing them with the smartphones hardware encoder. This combined with an advanced streaming network based on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) architecture connects the stream at its closest point of presence on the network and delivers it to the media organisation or event on a fast dedicated backbone.

GlobalM utilises a new transport protocol called SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). The mobile app uses SRT to transport the high-quality MPEG Transport Stream from the mobile device to the video

decoder. The SRT protocol is open source and is now supported by more than 450 different professional video manufacturers of hardware and software applications as well as in the open-source community with FFMPEG and VideoLAN both now supporting SRT.

The application and network are perfect solutions for remote production, mobile newsgathering and video contribution within media networks. It is designed to be simple to use yet powerful for media organisations seeking a solution for all types of remote coverage that is currently trying to be done with traditional video conferencing or social video streaming applications.

“We see many media networks, programs or award ceremonies currently using video conferencing or social media applications for remote callers to connect with a production, but these applications were never designed to connect to media production systems,” says Paul Calleja, CTO of GlobalM. “A video conferencing system needs to be cropped out and screen captured to make it somehow interface with a production system, and social media applications have on screen graphics that can’t be removed. GlobalM provides a brilliant solution for overcoming these problems while not overcomplicating it for users and guests.”

Recent productions such as the European Film Awards and one of the world’s toughest one-day cycling races in Switzerland showed just how well the technology can scale. For the European Film Awards, more than 40 live streams were coming from different nominees around Europe, and all of them were displayed at the same time on two large LED video walls in the Berlin based studio.

“GlobalM provides the complete solution with CDN and SRT gateway, high quality, low latency live streaming from a smartphone or any compatible SRT device” says Lance Newhart, CEO of GlobalM. “Unlike other live streaming apps, GlobalM replaces satellite or fibre networks, it is easy to implement without engineering skills, and is cost effective for live streaming and file based content contribution”.

GlobalM is for media organizations, content creators and curators who stream live in broadcast quality, and need content and remote production solutions. Visit us at to learn more.