Giveaway contest for a Blu-Ray/DVD combo of NIGHT SCHOOL

Giveaway time enter to win a Blu-Ray copy of Night School Starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. One winner will be picked at random open to United States only. Contest starts 12/20/2018 thru 01/01/2019

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Here my quick Review

Win Blu Ray Copy of Night School

Kevin Hart’s latest comedy hit you hard in the gut with laughter with his the cast of high school dropouts. Night school teacher Carrie (Tiffany Haddish) is no joke as a teacher but has jokes for days in this film. We follow the life of Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) a high school drop out who thought his diploma was a waste of time. Only to live his life pay check to pay check and beyond is means. A job in sales with a promise of taking over the company only to see that dream go up in smoke. Faced with no job and no education he must find work to keep his trophy girlfriend who is an independent woman. As he looks for work he finds out he needs his GED to find work he goes to try to scam is way into a GED only to find an old schoolmate in charge of the school. Forcing himself to attend night school he faced with some very out there classmates and a hard teacher. Teddy finds himself in a hard place wanting to give up but with his classmates who bond over their time together and a teacher who will not give up on him.

This film was a bust out loud laughing with the chance of you spitting out your drink movie. Kevin kills it in this one the on-screen chemistry Tiffany and Kevin share is to die for. Kevin interactions with his classmates and among themselves are comic gold. A very fun film full of laughs and some real struggles with learning disabilities not only is it funny it also shows that one can overcome their disabilities and reach their goals.