Gibson: Launches New Master Artisan Collection Series  “Leo Scala Super ‘58 Flying V’s”

NASHVILLE, TN (April 5, 2022) The new Master Artisan Collection from Gibson features the iconic instrument brand collaborating with renowned luthiers across the globe for one-of-a-kind guitar collections. Every new series in the Master Artisan Collection will feature instruments and accessories that are custom designed and built to be the pinnacle of craftsmanship, authentically Gibson Custom Shop, and extraordinarily rare.
Gibson Custom Shop is proud to launch of the new Master Artisan Collection with the Leo Scala Super ‘58 Flying V’s, its first collaboration with Los Angeles based luthier Leo Scala, the founder of Scala Guitars and one of the world’s foremost guitar makers. During his three decade career, Leo has established an enviable reputation for his unique creativity and impeccable craftsmanship, in addition to his passion for Gibson instruments.
The ultra-rare and desirable Gibson Master Artisan Collection feat. Leo Scala consists of ten, one-of-a-kind, Flying V style guitars with Korina bodies and necks, Brazilian rosewood fretboards, hand-wound pickups, and painstaking detailed and finish work. Each Leo Scala Super ‘58 Flying V is like no other guitar in existence and is designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. All guitars come with a custom hard case with plush ruby interior and a Certificate of Authenticity with Leo’s signature. The new Gibson Master Artisan Collection is only available directly from the Gibson Garage in Nashville, TN, call (615) 933-6000.
“When I build a guitar, I am not building a guitar,” says Leo Scala. “I’m first building a knob. Then I’m winding the pickup. I’m 100% dialed into each and every one of those details. I build a whole lot of different little things. The guitar is just a place where everything comes together.”
Though his guitars have the visual impact of sculpture, the looks are never the most important thing to Scala. “It’s always the sound,” he adds. “It can be extremely flashy, but if you pick it up and it doesn’t do its own thing, then you just missed the whole point. It’s not art that should be hanging on a wall; it’s a performing piece of art. That’s what this collection represents, and I feel honored to be asked to contribute to an iconic legacy.”
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Watch the interview with luthier Leo Scala about the partnership with Gibson Custom Shop for the Master Artisan Collection, Leo Scala Super 58s Flying V’s, HERE.
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