Ghostrunner Review

I have been waiting for this game to finally release since the beginning of 2020. We had been able to play Ghostrunner early at Pax South and East, this game was very next level not only for myself but for the whole gaming community. Who wouldn’t want to a robotic ninja that can run on walls, who carries a sword, and is able to slice up your enemy in one swing, did I also mention it is the perfect game if you are to introduce yourself to Speedrunning.  

You are introduced to our main character “The Ghostrunner” after he had been activated to be able to release someone named the Architect. He does not have any memory how he came to be but just to be able to follow his objective. Right off the back the visuals of this game are absolutely amazing. It definitely feels like something out of sci-fi movie. It has a Cyberpunk feel, but plays completely different. 

When you reach the Architect he talks about a woman named Mara and how she is the one who is affecting the everyday lives of those who live in Dharma’s society. It is the Ghostrunner’s job to be able to stop her and bring balance back to the Dharma. 

Learning the controls of this game was a little challenging especially because I choose to play with mouse and keyboard. Things did get easier while I configured the bindings, I wanted but I would suggest to play on controller to start out. The more you progress in game the move you are introduced with abilities and some cosmetic features. You are even able to find the Secret Easter Eggs placed around certain levels. I will say it does make the game more challenging.  

I will say I am appreciating the music that they have going on throughout the whole game. Most game music I turn off but something could not bring me to do it. I think this would be the first time that I would love to have a whole game soundtrack downloaded on my pc. 

Since the game had released, I have been playing non-stop Ghostrunner in my spare time. The one thing I cannot personally control is whenever the game loads up it force closes my Corsiar iCue. This becomes a problem for me because iCue does control my AIO, RGB, and of course all my fans. I always have to re-open iCue that way I can continue to have the right temps for my PC. But other than that, I have no issues with this game. Ghostrunner is here and needs to be played by everyone. I highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone. It was definitely worth the wait and thank you All In! Games for allowing us to review this game. This is on my Top 5 to play in 2020. 

Also, it is also able to play in Ray Tracing!  


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