Get Your Munches and Roll One Up With Kris J

Sitting down with your friends and thinking who is going to start? You look around the room and see is down and who isn’t.

Panning around the room some more and then you just hit the beat and then roll one up!

Start that day up with a rolled up goodness and be sure to pass it around! Pass it around and move to the beat from the song that has started a revolution! Kris J brings his hit Roll One to the masses with his hard hitting beats and words that just don’t give a damn.


In house producer Avery Mcrae helps out with the creation of this track and have created an anthem for all smokers alike!

Kris J on every Monday will be releasing a track #membersonlymonday until his album drops in January 2016.

Song is good, I really dig it, elements of something that can be a cult following with the hip hop community and smokers as well. The song is smooth to the touch and I really dig his words as well. They are simple and to the point of the agenda, roll up that damn blunt haha! In all serious, Kris J has character that lacks in many artists today and with a track like this, he can be unstoppable in the music game.

Check it out, be amazed, and roll one up but don’t forget the munchies ya’ll!

Check out Kris J SOUND CLOUD and be ready for every Monday to listen to a new track there! Check out his TWITTER and his WEBSITE for some cool stuff as well!



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