Get Under The Covers For Servant Season 2 on Apple TV+

The lights are turned off while the TV is on with that ominous theme song begins to start off the episode. You start to pull the covers closer to your face as the show begins. After the heartbreaking terror of Season 1, the second season of Apple TV+ show Servant starts today with a new episode to continue expanding your mind with more terror, mystery and horror.

SEASON 1 RECAP: We saw Sean and Dorothy hire Leanne to be their new nanny for their child named Jericho. The major twist I thought was revealed early was when Sean told Dorothy that the baby wasn’t real but a doll. They have the doll to help Dorothy cope with her depression and loss from the baby’s death…or so they thought. The next day, their was a real baby in the crib which Sean discovered and this lead to a Season 1 filled with twists and turns. Each episode provided something that captured my attention but grew the mystery even larger.

With Season 2 on the horizon, my thoughts are ” Will Season 2 capture the magic of Season 1 and take us deeper down the rabbit hole?” Well, we were given advanced access by Apple TV+ to give our thoughts for Season 2 of Servant. I don’t want to spoil much of Season 2 but I have to say this…BE READY! I had wanted to see if the show would continue down the rabbit hole, but they didn’t…they dug an entirely new hole to ever expand the story of Servant. The twist and turns with surprises is not only shocking but will keep you on your toes.

Here are some of our thoughts: 

Season 2 starts of with the family in turmoil as baby Jericho is missing and possibly dead with Leanne. Dorothy is trying to get the world to know baby Jericho is missing but Sean and Julian are trying to keep her calm and quiet. A police officer, that happened to be there when baby Jericho originally passed away, is starting to question what is going on with the family. Julian’s friend that was suppose to be watching the house the day of kidnapping of baby Jericho is found. He didn’t know he was gone for a while, so they hypnotize him to uncover his lost memories. This leads to more questions than answer for Sean and Julian. The search continues for baby Jericho but Dorothy instead…starts to focus on the search for Leanne instead. Dorothy is able to track down Leanne at another families home as their nanny. Deeper and deeper it goes with more backstory of Leanne comes out, which will rock you to the core.

Season 2 for Servant continued the mystery of season 1 with a thrilling storyline and compelling character emotional draw from the actors and actresses. I will do another rewatch of the show later today as you want to solve this mystery yet find clues that maybe Dorothy, Julian and Sean missed out on. You want to be there with Dorothy and continue her search for baby Jericho. You want to sit down with Sean and figure out a logical way on what is going on. Then you will want to sit down with Julian and drink the night away. Servant is a fantastic show that draws you into the mystery while you stay for the next chapter in the series.

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