Get ready for war in free-to-play MOBA Blood of Steel, coming to Steam in early 2020

Get ready for war in free-to-play MOBA 
Blood of Steel, coming to Steam in early 2020


Mobilize the troops, the battle has begun!


Wednesday 20th November, 2019 – Evolution Studio, the Chinese-based development studio of YC Games is pleased to announce the free-to-play PvP MOBA game Blood of Steel will launch on PC for Steam in early 2020. In Blood of Steel, command your army and wage war against other players online using historical generals in authentic and dynamic locations. Later this November a closed beta demo will be released to test the server stability, latency and most importantly player feedback.

Blood of Steel is a PvP MOBA strategy game set throughout the Middle Ages where you lead legions to conquer cities, expand your territory and ultimately rule the world. Players assume control of legendary commanders from world history including Joan of Arc, Julius Cesar and Alexander the Great, each with their own distinct weapons and personalities, as you lead their troops to victory. Take control of multiple troop types from archers, calvary riders, swordsmen, spearmen, crossbowmen and more to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Terrain plays an important part in warfare; players can choose from multiple maps comprising of open plains, lush grasslands, snowy fields, city streets and many other locales. Clever use of this terrain and management of a dynamic weather system incorporating variables such as rain and snow are key to victory.

Battles are conducted from a third-person perspective on arena-like maps where two teams of either 5-v-5, 7-v-7 or 10-v-10 players duke it out with one another, with each individual player allowed to lead up to 40 AI soldiers. Every troop type can be controlled by players, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, giving players the ability to strategize together with their unit types. As well as the  legion-based warfare, players can duel one-on-one in PvP battles in the Heroes Arena with direct control over 4 attack and block directions, defense-breaks, rolls, sidesteps, charge attacks and heavy attacks, combining to form an engaging fighting system.


“With intricate character designs, dynamic battlegrounds and in-depth strategy Blood of Steel offers a truly engrossing MOBA experience,” said Cao, Game Director of YC Games. “As we improve the game with the help of our amazing fan base, we look forward to the players enjoying the game at its full potential.”

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About Evolution Studio / YC Games
Evolution Studio was founded in 2014 by a very experienced team, acting as one of the in-house development studios for YC Games. Blood of Steel as one of their products is already launched successfully in China, and more products are in the stage of development.

Evolution Studio does not only focuses on the development of PC client games, and now is also exploring different fields and aiming multiple forms, multiple platforms, and multiple categories. With the “initial heart of the game”, “creation of fun” and “pragmatic” as the strategic vision, Evolution Studios is seeking to let players to experience the initial fun of the game.