Geminose: Animal Popstars Reveals Official Website

Highly anticipated family-friendly Switch title gears up for launch

The stage is set and curtains are now drawn on the official Geminose: Animal Popstars website. Majesco Entertainment and Ultimas alongside Silver Bullet Studios are excited to reveal an all-new interactive look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch title.

Fans anticipating the title can now get to know the adorable and talented cast of gem-nosed characters via the official website which features a “meet the band” section. The ten animal musicians come from all over the world, bringing with them boisterous personalities and unique cultures. Each of the Geminose sound off in their own bios, letting players get to know their heritage, likes and dislikes, the instruments they excel at, and more.

Alongside the newly launched website, new screenshots of the upcoming multi-faceted title have been released to give fans a further glimpse at what’s to come in the family-friendly Switch title.

Geminose: Animal Popstars promises to be a summertime hit for the whole family and will be releasing globally on May 18 on the Nintendo eShop and will arrive in stores at major retailers on June 18. To keep up to date with all things Geminose or preorder your copy today visit the official site here.

A list of features include:

  • Collect 10 animal musicians from around the world and form your hit band
  • Over 30 musical instruments to master
  • 20 original songs with hundreds of ways to rearrange them
  • Attract 45 ultra-cute Mashup super-fans via Geminose dance-offs
  • Play through story mode with Nimmy and Smudge managing your chosen band, or choose free play mode for endless hours of fun
  • Build and customize your rockstar mansion with hundreds of decorative items to choose from and interact with
  • Take your band on a world tour to unlock additional songs, outfits, and decór to deck out your rockstar mansion
  • Unlock the mansion kitchen and cook recipes from around the world
  • Play a variety of mini-games when on break from your tour
  • Challenge your friends in local 2-player mode using full Joy-Con control