GEEKLINE Changing The Way We Make Phone Calls CES 2021

We want to change the way people have made phone calls for 125 years.


Solution in a Nutshell: “Availability Awareness”:

Use smartphone features to automatically determine when you want to answer the phone.

  • Uses gyro/gps to detect when you are driving.
  • Detects specific data in your calendar app, such as “meeting-date/time”.
  • Acquire information from smartwatches and other devices to detect health status.

Exhibiting at CES2021 From Japan. geekline llc.

The products “SkyPlus” and “Feeling” will change the conventional way of making phone calls. For nearly 125 years, the caller dials a number, and the recipient (other party)

answers. If the recipient doesn’t answer, no phone connection is established. Focusing on that part, we have developed a new stage of telephone communication. The new stage that we think of is not only availability data sharing between individuals, but also behavior

analysis and predictive detection, which can be labeled availability awareness “what is the person doing now?” It is a thing that manages the receiving part of communication in the cloud. And the products “SkyPlus” and “Feeling” of this time will be a public beta service that will open up a new stage of telephone communication by incorporating the acquired patented technology.

Patents info:

Japan: 6368887 USA: US10506100

Telephonic transmission/reception calling service method China:201880008583.9 Awaiting grant of patent number


Ten Uchikawa (19 years old) CEO

[email protected]