GeekiTikis The Child mini Muglet 3-pack Product Review has unveiled a cool new item for fans of The Mandalorian series on Disney plus. Geekitiki’s have these new mini muglet 3 pack of The Child. We are able to obtain a box of these and provide a review below of the product with an unboxing.

The box has 3 mini Geeki Tiki cups of the Child from The Mandalorian series on Disney +. They have 3 different images of how the child was in the series. You have one just looking cute, one that is a sleep, and one that is holding an object.

What kind can you do to use these mini Geeki Tiki? Since they are minis, you can use them to put snacks for casual parties, mini shot glasses for that special drink or even special sauces in them as well. You can have your Mandalorian party for season 2 with these awesome collector items displayed for everyone to see.

Fans of The Child and The Mandalorian show on Disney Plus, should check out this collector’s item. This is a different size, well child size for any Geekitiki cups that have been made. This is not only smaller but also comes in 3 for those muglet sizes. This is good for younger children to use to drink as well as use for snack holder for your Mandalorian parties. Take the trip, get yourself this item and of have fun with it.

Watch unboxing here:

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