Gear Up for Adventure! NEO 2045 – A New Free-to-Play MMO for Kids and Tweens – Now in Closed Beta and Coming to PC, iOS and Android this Spring!

Fully-3D futuristic world unleashes creativity and exploration in a massive sandbox universe filled with sci-fi action, games, quests and out-of-this-world adventures
Sydney, Australia — March 16, 2021 — Introducing a whole new MMO world created for the next generation of gamers, indie developer VR Realms announced today that NEO 2045, a game they’ve had in development for over 18 months, is now in closed beta and slated for a late Spring 2021 launch on PC, iOS and Android. 

NEO 2045 is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online (MMO) game that features a vast galaxy full of sci-fi action, quests and inter-galactic adventure! Player Realms allow you to create and customize your world with terraforming, building, crafting and coding functionalities. You can also visit one of five Social Realms, including Community – the main hub/spawn point for new players – the Forest Realm, Arctic Realm, Desert Realm or Ocean Realm to interact with other gamers in a fun and safe environment. 

If it’s more of a fast-play, multiplayer game experience are are looking for, there are loads of single and multiplayer mini-games accessible through various arenas and locations, such as the Lazer Tag Arena, Robot Stadium, Avatar Sports Stadium, Comedy Club, Nightclub, Astro Training Center, Water Park and Arcade. The choice is yours, as you freely roam around a space-themed open world that lets you create, interact and play!

“We’ve designed NEO 2045 to fill a gap that we currently see in the video games industry for young players looking for a true MMO game experience that isn’t necessarily ‘made for kids’ but is safe, secure and diligently monitored,” said Robb Beeston, CEO and Founder of VR Realms. “NEO 2045 is a massive sandbox where players can create and code, but they can also just jump into some fast-action gameplay if that is the experience they are looking for at the moment. We currently have the game running in closed beta, so if you are interested in joining please sign up for a chance to become a beta tester!”

NEO2045 will be regularly updated with fresh content, special events, and new storyline missions that tie into the game lore. For more information and to sign up for a chance to join the closed beta, visit:

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