GAYCATION Travel Show Hosted By LGBT Travel Expert Ravi Roth | Season Premiere Out Now on YouTube!

GAYCATION MAGAZINE has launched their brand-new digital travel show, GAYCATION TRAVEL SHOW, hosted by LGBT+ travel expert & YouTube content creator, Ravi Roth.
Named as Gaycities “Best Insta Traveler of 2019” and Metrosource’s “People We Love in 2020,” Roth has trekked the globe, exploring Queer culture in over 32 countries, documenting his travels through his own RAVI ROUND THE WORLD brand.

Each week on Fridays, GAYCATION TRAVEL SHOW will air episodes exclusively through Gaycation Magazine’s official YouTube channel. Viewers will be treated to various experiences based around the people who live in the destinations, and will learn more about the Queer perspective in each city, the best places to stay, eat and explore, as well as what to pack for each location.

The show’s season premiere airing today, will kick off in Manhattan with later episodes to feature Brighton, United Kingdom, Vancouver, Tulsa, Orlando, Mount Dora, Brooklyn, Cedar Rapids and Chicago.

Link to the show’s official trailer:–6FohI

Official Website: