Gather Film Review

Gather a film by Sanjay Rawal takes a deep look into the lives of Indigenous Americans and how the loss of there native food sources cost them so much harm. We get to look into the lives of a group of Indigenous Americans trying to save there people and way of life. Fighting to bring back the buffalo that was killed off to starve them as well the salmon. To the lost art of gathering wild food and meat.

This film shows the next generation of Native Americans trying to restore their culture and preserve it for future generations. A farmer growing food for his people and a new restaurant that brings their food back too them. A chef that learns his talent is needed back with his people. Showing them there lost foodways showing them there is a healthier way than the processed food forced on them.

This documentary shows footage of the harm done to Native American’s way of life.  We get an inside look of the Northern California tribe of young men from the Yurok tribe. Who’s main food source the salmon years ago was cut off by a dam. We see how they fought to save there way of life and the main food source. Keeping with there fishing way of life they are a part of a youth group that is banding together to preserve their way of life and help there future.

Watching Gather was an eye-opening experience for me to hear and see the harm done to the Indigenous Americans. Hearing how they live in a food desert and had to live off gas station food, and it is easier for him to buy drugs is heartbreaking. Knowing they have a very high rate for diabetes and cancer one said there living long term genocide. A very grim statement for a young man to say but it’s their truth but this documentary is showing the world that they are fighting to reverse the damage done to them. Getting educated and bring back the buffalo heard and teaching there is another way to live.  So many things they are doing to help their people get healthy and thrive.

Sanjay Rawal and his producers and Executive Produced by Jason Momoa did an outstanding job bring this documentary to life. Be sure to watch on VOD September 8th.

Photos by Renan Ozturk