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Gaming Mouse Comparison & Advice

Gaming Mouse Comparison & Advice

Cyberpower Mouse

We all have different preferences when it comes to the tools we use. The purpose of this comparison will be to give you some insight in when it comes to purchasing a gaming mouse that’s right for you, and not to sell one of these mice to you. Too often we get overwhelmed by the shiny RGB lights and sales advertisements offering “the best this” or “the best that” that we don’t even know where to start looking. I am going to give you some categories to consider when making your next gaming mouse purchase. The mice we’ll compare are the Cyberpower Elite Pro M1-131 and the Logitech G502 HERO, and the categories to consider will be RGB lighting, construction, customization and performance.

We’ll begin by looking at RGB lighting as that was the most obvious feature to compare as you can honestly just see the difference between the 2. The Logitech G502 Hero is really underwhelming here. Sure it claims to have the patented GHUB software that allows you to customize your DPI settings and choose almost any color from the spectrum, but if you look at the mouse itself it only has the “G” on the top portion as the only spot where you can actually see the RGB lighting effects. Visually, the LED lights on the Cyberpower mouse stand out head over heels. While it only has 6 color options and no official software that allows you to customize it further, the fact that it has an exposed area on the scroll wheel and a clear plastic trim underneath really allow the RGB light to shine. A lot of mice nowadays offer an RGB lighting option, but many suffer from design flaws like the Logitech Hero that don’t really show off its RGB capabilities, Keep this in mind next time you’re out shopping for your new gaming mouse.

Logitech Mouse


The construction of the Cyberpower mouse feels a little flimsy to me when comparing it to the Logitech mouse. However, this may be something that you as a gamer may prefer as it makes for much easier maneuverability. The Cyberpower Elite Pro ends up being much lighter as a result of this design choice. I’d like to add that when I was comparing the 2 mice I had completely forgotten that I had left the 4x 4.5g weights inside the mouse. That’s relevant because it still felt lighter than the Logitech Hero without ANY of its weights installed. I personally prefer to have a heavier mouse as it adds more stability, but this is just a personal preference as my aim is shaky at best. During my comparison I tried both mice with and without their weights and the lighter construction of the Cyberpower mouse was very handy in adding less strain to my hand, so there’s that to consider. The USB cord of the Logitech mouse seems to be made of a threaded or rope-like material which seems to make it a little more durable instead of the flimsier Cyberpower mouse cord. That’s not normally something I even consider when buying a mouse, but I will for future purchases as it may add life to the mouse.

5 Logitech 3.6 grams weights

As mentioned earlier, the Logitech Hero comes with the personalized GHUB software that allows you to further customize your gaming experience by allowing you to set your preferred DPI and almost any color you can think of. On top of that great feature, the Hero also has 2 more customizable buttons than the Elite Pro. The quirky addition was actually included in the scroll wheel itself. The Hero allows you to push the scroll wheel to the left and to the right to give you 2 more keybinding options than normal. The Cyberpower mouse is really lacking in this department as you’ll have to install 3rd party software to begin customizing it to your choosing and 2 less buttons to bind. I personally love customization features on almost anything, but if you’re the type that says simpler is better then remember to consider customization features when buying a new mouse.

4 Cyberpower 2.5 gram weights

Finally, we get to the section that may matter more to you as a gamer. I tested both of these mice with and without weights on 3 separate, unique games to really feel and see how well each one performed. As expected the Cyberpower mouse turned out to be too unwieldy for me and my not-so-steady aiming hand. Even with the weights on it was still too light for me. If you have a steadier hand then consider the weight of the mouse you purchase as a factor. The Elite Pro weighs in at 156 grams plus it has 4 4.5 gram weights you can add to it. The Logitech comes in at 121 grams with 5 3.6 gram weights. But wait, haven’t I been saying that the Cyberpower mouse felt lighter? Yes I have! I guess someone fell asleep during the weigh-in because I used a personal scale that I normally use for food to weigh both of these mice and find out if I was going crazy (see pictures below). Turns out I can keep my sanity for one more day. The weights shown are both mice without their weights installed. As you can see the Logitech mouse is slightly heavier than the Cyberpower. The last picture is the Cyberpower mouse with its weights installed. As you can see it’s nearly identical in weight to the Logitech Hero. It goes to show that you need to trust your instincts sometimes as I may not have purchased the Logitech mouse is I had gone off the printed specs.

Cyberpower Mouse without weights
Logitech Mouse without weights
Cyberpower mouse with weights

I hope that this provides you with some guidance in the ever growing array of gaming mice available to you. If you feel I missed an important category or topic to include in this article please feel free to chime in below with a comment as I am always on the lookout for great tips when it comes to purchasing electronics. Thanks for reading!